Find out the result

When we receive your application in the Admissions Office, we forward it on to the appropriate school for assessment.

If everything is complete, Monash University will assess your application and we will send you written notification of the outcome.

If you have not fully completed the application or provided all of the relevant transcripts and certificates, we can’t forward your application for assessment.

Successful applications

We will send you an offer package if you are successful. The offer package includes:

  • a letter of offer
  • acceptance documents
  • a document booklet
  • an international students booklet (if applicable).

The letter of offer

We send the offer letter by email. It will confirm details such as:

  • course title and start date
  • length of course
  • fees information
  • any conditions that may apply.

You have to accept on or before the date stated in your letter.

Full offers

A full offer means you are accepted for your selected course in that year, without any further conditions. The University will send you a formal offer of admission into Monash University.

Conditional offers

A conditional offer may be given if:

  • you submit an incomplete application
  • extra conditions must be met before you can enrol (for example, English language requirements).

If you have missing information, you must send it to us before the date we’ve indicated on the letter. Your admission will not be confirmed until you satisfy all the conditions in your letter of offer.

English language conditions

You must provide evidence of your English language ability before you can start your course. Contact us at if you want to apply for the 15-week Monash English Bridging (MEB).

Deadlines and dates

To meet the conditions of your letter of offer, you must meet specific deadlines. It is your responsibility to send any required documents so they arrive before or on the stated deadline.

If you think you that you cannot meet a deadline, you must warn us in advance in writing.

Unsuccessful applications

If you weren’t successful this time, we will send you a letter advising that your application didn’t meet Monash University entry requirements.