Advanced Engineering Platform

Monash Malaysia - Advanced Engineering PlatformThe Advanced Engineering Platform (AEP) aims to undertake frontier research and educational innovation in engineering and technology that will contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic development in Southeast Asia. Our vision is to strive towards becoming the regional and international centre of research in the area of advanced engineering to support smart and sustainable living.

Key focus areas

AEP focuses on four clusters in:

Smart Industry, Smart Living
Develops various technologies and applications that can support industries in achieving higher productivity and also improve the daily living of humans.

Clean Energy and Portable Water
Envisions an equitable and sustainable society where everyone has clean water, renewable energy and a healthy environment in which to grow and thrive.

Smart Health Care
Focuses on using data to improve health care.

Focuses on engineering materials and systems at the nanoscale, and explores into the endless possibilities of nanotechnology for the benefits of humansociety.

Key expertise

  • Smart Industry, Smart Living – Internet of things, Automation, System integration, Data analytics, Autonomous vehicles (including drones)
  • Clean Energy and Portable Water – Research and development of renewable energy technologies; Design, fabrication and characterisation of energy materials; Application of surface acoustic wave and filmwise evaporation; Water treatment and distillation, and water sensitive urban design implementation.
  • Smart Health Care – Designing and building sensors and wearables to collect data; to develop data analytics to diagnose, assess risk, understand disease dynamics; and to provide early warning of disease onset, biosensor development and smart drug delivery.
  • Nanotechnology Cluster – Our expertise lies in the fields of nanoenergy, nanomaterials synthesis, nano-fabrication, nano-bioengineering, and molecular dynamics simulations.

Specialist services

Smart Industry and Living

  • Contract research
  • Fundamental research
  • Prototyping
  • System design

Clean Energy and Portable Water

  • Contract research
  • Training courses on renewable energy
  • Water treatment technologies

Smart Health Care

  • Consultancy

Nanotechnology Cluster

  • Characterisation and testing of
  • Contract research

For more information, please visit the Advanced Engineering Platform website.