Business Simulation Lab

The Monash University Simulated Trading Laboratory (MUSTLab) provides an experiential learning environment where students can observe the interactions of capital market concepts and decision making through a simulated investment trading activity.

In the simulated trading marketplace, students learn the mechanics of various types of ?nancial instruments such as equities, bonds, foreign currencies and derivative instruments such as the options and futures contracts without the risk of losing any real money in the process. In a fun way, students  learn about bid-and-ask prices, buy-and-sell orders and the importance of speed of decision-making.

The simulated trading room is intended to make the learning experience, a fun and exciting one. Through team-based and individual participation in simulated trading games, students learn how to process and respond to new information. As the games unfold, students experience the impact of interest rate  changes, global currency ?uctuations, changes in government policies as well as corporate and individual decision-making. All these will expand their understanding of the global economy beyond the con?nes of textbooks.

The simulated trading laboratory also provides a perfect platform for students to test their stock picking skills and test their trading strategies. This state-of-the-art system also keeps track of the brokerage fees, and/ or margin costs of the trades and allows the participants to evaluate their own  performance as measured by the pro?t or loss made at the end of the game.

In a research perspective, the MUSTLab is committed in disseminating its research outcomes in learning and teaching in disciplines (such as behavioural ?nance) where a controlled environment offers an opportunity to test ideas and theories.

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Dr Jothee Sinnakkannu
Tel: +603 5514 6297

James Tham
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