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The "Neurobusiness" behavioural laboratory (NBL) is a research centre dedicated to human cognitive neuroscience with a special focus on applying high-level neuroscientific and behavioural research methods to social, economic and business topics. 365体育投注_365体育网址-【官网直营】 linked to the NBL are investigating a wide variety of topics such as consumer behaviour, behavioural economics, the neuroscience of decision-making, human emotions, cross-cultural differences in decision-making, usability testing and behavioural finance. Our facilities include high-density EEG setups, eye-trackers, psychophysiological measurement setups, advanced behavioural testing facilities, data servers, etc. For more details please visit the NBL website (


EEG Recording


Current academic collaborations:
● Univ. of Manchester (UK)
● Univ. of Leeds (UK)
● Univ. of Durham (UK)
● Univ. of Nagoya (Japan)
● Waseda Univ. (Japan)
● Kyushu Univ. (Japan)
● Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (Japan)
● University of Brasília (Brazil)

Current interaction with commercial partners:
● Neocogita (EU)
● RT Axiom Sdn. Bhd


8 peer-reviewed articles (including 2 A* and 3 A), and one book in the last 12 months.


EGI - Sensor Net - 64 Channel
EEG recording

Faraday Cage

Tobii Glasses - Mobile eye-tracker

Tobii Pro Glasses 2

Tobii X120 - Flexible eye-tracker for
mobile devices and video screens

Tobii TX300 - Flexible eye-tracker for
wide screen monitor and video screens

ANT Asalab - 32 Channel EEG recording


Contact information

Associate Professor Watabe Motoki
Tel: +603-5514 4456

James Tham
Tel: +603-5514 6193


Building 6B, Level 4