Solar paver project

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that is beneficial to countries located near the equator such as Malaysia. We receive up to 6 hours of sunlight throughout the year. This energy is virtually inexhaustible that provides an attractive alternative to traditional fossil fuel. Because of this, the idea to develop pavers incorporated with solar cells is materialszed through intensive research to provide electricity to Sunway City. Inspired by solar pavement technology used in France, this solar paver project embraces a similar concept but with some adaptation to the pavers’ designs and arrangements in this region. Key challenges in developing a workable solar paver include materials selection, prototypes production, complexity in electrical connections, cost-related issues and the design limitation of pavers to suit the existing pavers in the city.

The implementation of these solar pavers is still under development as concerns on the durability of the pavers due to traffic loads and shadowed locations might affect the solar pavers’ overall performance. Now that the production prototype is complete, a large batch of 300 solar pavers will be fitted and monitored in an area near Menara Sunway to observe their durability and functionality. The results of this study will help to improve further and tweak related aspects of the solar pavers’ overall systems. Another important aspect is to study the best electrical system to optimize the electrical output in generating sufficient electricity for the intended applications. Examples of suitable applications identified by town planners through focus groups conducted are street lights, advertisement boards and charging ports.