IT and computing

As a leading university, Monash University Malaysia prides itself on providing the very best in computer technology for its students and staff.

General-use computer laboratories

We have 12 fully equipped computer laboratories for general use with a total of 384 computers. Each lab provides a modern and supportive environment for classes, research, assignments and special projects. Each lab is also equipped with excellent visual aids.

Library and Learning Commons

To complement our computer labs, 157 computers are available at Level 1 and Level 3 in the Library and Learning Commons (LLC). LLC computing facilities are available for online research and academic assignments.

Wireless connection

All students have access to wireless connectivity on campus.

Specialist computing facilities

In addition to computers for general use, particular schools have specialist laboratories for specific and advanced work.

IT Services

Students and staff at the Monash University Malaysia are supported by IT Services. This unit supplies all core IT infrastructure and provides IT support to our schools, the library and all student spaces.