Tai Poh Nean

Cyber cop while still in class

Bachelor of Accounting (Business and Commerce) 2008

Bachelor of Network Computing (Applications) 2008

Even before he had graduated, a major global company  asked Tai Poh Nean to join its international team of IT detectives, who protect large corporations from cyber attacks and fraud.

Poh Nean says he wouldn’t have scored such an exciting, challenging and highly technical first job without his Monash qualifications.

"Definitely, the brand is recognised across the whole world," he says. "If you ask any of the big companies, they will have heard of Monash, particularly in Malaysia because of the campus here.”

Poh Nean received the job offer while attending a careers fair in his final year of study. A team of PricewaterhouseCoopers talent scouts virtually offered him a position on the spot because of the Monash name and his impressive mix of business and IT skills.

He joined the major international professional services company in its Kuala Lumpur office as an associate consultant in the risk assurance services division.

Adopting international best practice, his team helped big companies protect their information assets from errors, fraud and hack attacks by identifying and removing potential security threats and computer system and network weaknesses.

During his four years at Monash, Poh Nean took advantage of our global reach by studying at our Caulfield and Clayton campuses in Australia.

He says his Monash experience gave him an international perspective and a network of contacts that helped build his career..
"I met a lot of different people from different cultures. I learned how to communicate with them, which I think is very important when you are working in real life," he says.

He has a simple message to anyone, considering a course at Monash.

”A Monash degree will help you get a good career and a good job because of its recognition all over the world and the quality of the education it provides. The global reach allows you to create a very diverse network of people. You can make a lot of contacts across the world."