Lee Kar Hing

"Monash has a student-centric learning environment, whereby students have the learner autonomy and is responsible for their learning path. "

Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science (2012)

Monash University Entrance Scholarship, 2008-2011
Monash University Honours Scholarship, 2011-2012

Best Graduate Award in Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Technology), March to July 2011
Dean's List Fellowship Award 2011
Highest Academic Performance Award in FST3820 Food Preservation, Sem 1, 2011
Highest Academic Performance Award in FST 3810 Human Nutrition, Sem 2, 2010

  1. Where are you working / studying presently?

    I am currently working in Nestle Manufacturing (M) Sdn. Bhd as First Line Manager, based in Creamer plant in Shah Alam Complex. In this position, my core responsibilities include ensuring master schedule attainment according to daily production plan, deliver finished goods with first time right quality, ensure smooth line operation including timely start ups, product changeovers, end cycle cleaning and plant maintenance to achieve high line asset intensity, manage line labour productivity, and lead/participate in process improvements to support the business.

  2. Why did you decide to study at Monash University Malaysia?

    Monash University is known for its strong leadership in research and teaching excellence. The Malaysia campus allowed me to pursue a Monash degree locally, and it is conveniently located at Bandar Sunway, which is very near to my home.

  3. What/who influenced your decision in choosing Monash?

    Monash University offered me an entrance scholarship to pursue my chosen degree due to my pre-university academic excellence, which indicates the University's strong recognition for its' students academic performance. This was the main reason that I decided to choose Monash.

  4. Please describe your study experience at Monash University Malaysia.

    Studying in Monash is truly living up to our motto 'Ancora Imparo'. Everyday at Monash, I learned something new, be it technical knowledge, or personal soft skills, which equipped and prepared me for life in the working world. Monash has a student-centric learning environment, whereby students have the learner autonomy and is responsible for their learning path. This active learning approach has helped prepare me into the working world as I have to set my own path to learn and gain the necessary knowledge as well as to develop my functional competency to fulfil my roles and responsibilities at work.

    Campus life was definitely the best time of my life, as I have made life-long friendships here. It was a journey of self discovery. The academic staff were very helpful and they actively provided guidance and coaching, as well as constructive and challenging feedbacks to help me progress and improve.

  5. Were there any obstacles faced while studying here? How did you overcome these?

    As a science student, the amount of lab reports and assignments can be daunting at times. Time management is important to ensure deadlines are met. Active discussions with my peers and consultations with my lecturers made these tasks easier to tackle. However, the assessment tasks made my learning beyond the classroom, and helped develop critical thinking.

  6. What qualities did you acquire during your studies at Monash University Malaysia that were beneficial / helpful to you in the working world?

    I learned a great deal of technical and application knowledge in food science and technology, which is very useful for my current position to help improve manufacturing processes, new product development and innovation, as well as solving technical issues in the line. Some soft skills such as time management, project planning and execution, presentation and communication are also important in helping me achieve work life balance, and to deliver results in an effective and efficient manner.

  7. What advice would you offer to current students who wish to attain success in University?

    Success does not fall from the sky, but is in your own hands.

  8. Please name one memorable educational experience for you at Monash University Malaysia.

    During my honours year, I did a research project on spray drying of red dragon fruit juice to red dragon fruit powder as a potential natural purple food colourant. I was overjoyed when I successfully obtained free flowing powder from the spray dryer after several failures to obtain any powder during the preliminary trials.