Indriani Elfrida

Take charge of your future

Bachelor of Business and Commerce (2011)

1. Full name / age / nationality.

Indriani Elfrida / 24 / Indonesian.


2. Who is your current employer and what is your role?

Currently, I work as a Senior Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS). My current role includes assisting audit teams and clients in public offering and private placement transactions (IPOs, bond offerings, rights issuances, etc.). I also provide accounting advisory services, assisting clients in IPO readiness assessment and financial reporting process improvement. 


3. Why did you choose Monash Malaysia?

Monash has an outstanding reputation which has opened many doors – including transfer to other Monash universities and learning centers. That was what brought me to Monash Malaysia.


4. While at Monash, what type of opportunities/activities did you participate in?

I joined the Monash Fashion club during my first year and had the chance to help out in the wardrobe section and backstage during the Monash Ball 2008. Although I was a freshman, everyone was happy to help and I met lots of new friends from different departments.


5. How has your degree and learning at Monash contributed to your work and where you are today?

Monash has provided a great learning experience for me. I enjoyed the course, research, analysis and thinking skills it gave me. I learned not to stop learning, which I have been continuously doing in my post-Monash life.  At Monash, I was expected to be responsible for my own work and to seek help from tutors whenever needed, rather than being “spoon-fed” like in school. It made me realise that I had to work hard in order to succeed. Those learning experiences has helped to build my career path. My degree in Accounting and International Business really helped my career both as accountant and advisor – it taught me to be detail-oriented yet broad in perspective – and it carved a strong foundation to critically evaluate a business and its issues. It certainly prepared me to work with others who are leaders in their fields while being assured with myself and my own work. 


6. What did you love most about your student life at Monash?

I have many recollections of my three years at Monash. I love how the students blended together at Monash as we all came from different backgrounds, from all over the world. Friendships were easily forged. You can join various student clubs, sports clubs, or offer a helping hand at campus events. In fact, I still keep in touch with my good friends from Malaysia, Maldives and Singapore. Also, one of my favorite places was the library, where I spent time during lectures watching a wide range of the movies! Monash was where I grew up emotionally, PwC was where I grew up professionally. 


7. If you were an international student, were there any particular pleasant experiences or challenges?

Adapting to university life was not as easy as I initially thought it would be. I had to learn, solve and take care of everything as I was living by myself. Good thing Malaysia has a great variety of food. I occasionally return to Malaysia just to enjoy the food!


8. As an Indonesian studying here, how did you find the support networks here? 

I did not find any major difficulties living in Malaysia, culture-wise. However, it was still a new place for me and I had to adapt in terms of personal and college life. One of the important features for us, international students, was the support system that we had since we were miles away from home, which was the Monash University International Student Services (MUISS). It welcomed all international students to meet, share, discuss and, of course, have fun together. 


9. What is your goal/dream in life, where are you headed to in the future?

I strive to be a capital markets specialist and possibly will be taking a CFA in near future. My dream is to travel the world and I am gradually getting there. 


10. What is your advice to current Monash Malaysia students? 

Study hard, be open and friendly – you can learn so much more than just your degree. It is up to you to decide your future. Make as many friends as you can!