Ifaz Khorshed Hassan and Adnan Alam

Ifaz Khorshed and Adnan Alam
From left: Ifaz Khorshed and Adnan Alam
at the Dhaka alumni networking event.

At the recent networking event held on 23 August in Dhaka, Bangladesh, two Monash University Malaysia alumnus reminisced about their Monash days and talked about how far they have come since then.

1. Full name / Nationality / Course taken.

Ifaz Khorshed Hassan / Bangladeshi / Bachelor of Business and Commerce, 2012 (pictured on the left)

Adnan Alam / Bangladeshi / Master of International Business (pictured on the right)

2. Where are you working / studying presently, and describe your general work scope.

Ifaz : I'm working part-time with the Bangladesh Cricket Board as a journalist. Usually, I contribute reports, articles and also help manage their social media. 

Adnan : I run a consultancy business, being the director of the company. I am also involved in the trading and restaurant business. 

3. How has Monash University Malaysia prepared you for the working world?

Ifaz : Even though I studied finance and economics, my present work scope is quite the opposite. I have never been a regular writer but it was difficult to turn down the opportunity when it arose. Monash has taught us to take on different challenges even beyond our area of expertise, taking on this job is one example.

Adnan : First of all, I would like to mention that Monash has given me the perfect platform to broaden my knowledge about the business world. The lectures, quizzes, assignments, presentations and examinations prepared me to become more confident than ever. I came across some great professors and made some wonderful friends from all over the world. I cherished each and every moment during my study at Monash University.

4. What are your thoughts regarding the first alumni networking reception held in Dhaka?

Ifaz : It was great to see Monash reaching out to the Bangladeshi alumni. I would always see pictures on Facebook about alumni programs in various countries, it felt good to be part of one eventually. I sincerely hope that we can get all the alumni under one umbrella through the aid of social media and therefore continue organising these programs every year with greater participation. Attending the program made me realise how much I still miss those amazing university days.

Adnan : The event was a great initiative by the University as the alumni met up after a long time and got to know what kind of career every individual is pursuing after graduating from Monash. We shared our thoughts and ideas with each other, discussed our career plans with some great faculty members and took their advice as well. I expect such alumni reunions to be held every year.