Fun Weng Hong

Name: Fun Weng Hong
Nationality: Malaysian 

Bachelor of Pharmacy (2016)

Where are you working/ studying presently?

I am a researcher, working at the Institute For Health Systems Research (IHSR), where the institute focuses on health systems research, providing scientific evidence to policy-makers and healthcare providers to make evidence-based decision-making.

Describe your general work scope and experience.

Apart from doing research on health system research, I am also one the panel members for several scientific review committees including IHSR, National Institutes of Health and MOSTI.  Thus reviewing proposals, abstracts and articles are part of my job functions.  My responsibilities also include conducting health systems research workshop & training for healthcare staff as well as providing consultancy to other organisations that require our assistance specifically related to my subject area of modeling in health economics.  

Why did you decide to study at Monash University Malaysia?

Monash University is one of the top universities in the world and it has the required experts that can supervise my postgraduate research in the area of health economics.

How has your degree at Monash prepared to be where you are today?

I gained the knowledge and skills in research such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are both very important in my daily work. It helps me in dealing with the challenging research environment at my institute, where addressing unprecedented health system and policy related issues are part of my job functions.   

Describe your student experience/ journey:

  1. What did you love most about your student life at Monash Malaysia?

    The student friendly facilities such as sports centre and library are the things that I like most. After a tiring day working on my research, a relaxing badminton game with friends in an air-conditioned indoor court is best that you could ask for.

  2. What was most challenging?

    To find parking when I was late.    

  3. What was most memorable?

    Friends, school admin staff and supervisors, who had supported me when I was lost in research direction and felt helpless were the moments that I cherished most.    

    Not to mention those endless nights, with the support from my peers, working hard together to complete the research milestones.  

  4. What would be the one word to sum it all up?


What is your advice to current Monash Malaysia postgraduate students? 

Cherish every moment as a postgraduate student because the fun and hard time will remain as part of the memorable experience of your life.