Crystal Lim Wan Ying

Name: Crystal Lim Wan Ying
Age: 25
Nationality: Malaysian

Masters in Communication
Bachelor in Arts (Communication and Writing major)

Tell us briefly about your work or role in your current organisation.

I am currently teaching in Sri Emas International School. My role as a teacher is to engage as much of my students as possible, forming a safe environment for them to experiment and express themselves, nurturing their confidence and creativity in order to prepare them for the future. At the same time, my role as an Academic Head also involves preparing and ensuring the curriculum, syllabus, and activities within our Economic subject are all prepared and formulated for the teachers on my team. It is also my role in making sure all the teachers on my team are comfortable with their materials. At the same time, I also have to ensure the setting and preparation of exam papers by my team members and help the Exam Department in going through the vetting of the report cards to be disseminated to the parents. On the side, I also write Facebook posts for the Marketing department in our organisation, help in organising and running the tuition classes that run in our sister private tutoring centre under the same management, Sirius Scholar in USJ.

How has your study in Monash Malaysia helped prepare you for the working world?

I spent my years in Monash Malaysia being involved in many things. I had been secretary for the Monash Performing Arts Club for two years, both years of which I had an active role in organising two musicals. I was also the secretary of the Monash Dance Fusion Club. All these were done on top of keeping up with assignment deadlines and attending classes (of which I was proud to say that in my three years of undergrad and one year of post-grad, I have only ever missed one class for something other than being sick), which has taught me a great deal in terms of time management. As we were given our schedules on when our assignments for the term were due, I made a point to ensure all assignments were ready a week or two ahead of schedule, to ensure I don’t end up burning the midnight oil. I have also learned that being organised plays a huge role in making sure everyone else working with you feels comfortable with you on the team.

How has the master qualification helped you?

It has managed to give me a greater insight of the world, offering me a deeper glimpse of the actions and behaviour of people beyond just the undergraduates. As people from many walks of life, often already working, would choose to take up a Masters certificate, I have gotten the chance to know many of them from different fields and qualifications. I have also grown more curious about my choice of research from my thesis, which has expanded to include the 21st-century

Why did you choose to further your studies?

I had always been a curious person, eager to know more. Even till today as I work, I signed up for online courses. I don’t even need the motivation of a certificate, for just gaining the knowledge is enough for me. As such, my choice to further my studies seems quite obvious, for I was simply curious on what else I would gain should I decide to aim for a Masters. I gained a lot more than simply just knowledge and information. Due to my thesis’s need for interviews, I also gained a new viewpoint on human behaviour and nuances.

What advice would you give to fresh young graduates looking for a masters qualification?

Do take it if you wish to get more experience in terms of research and seeking information, or if you simply are curious about the subject. Do it for the new experience of formulating a whole research paper by yourself, or do it for the experience of interviewing people for your study. Don’t shy away because you’re scared, because it is when you’re most afraid that you grow the most. Do it, simply because you can. :