Aw Yuong Tuck

Aw Yuong Tuck, who is currently pursuing his Masters in Communication and Media Studies (MCMS), has gone on three student exchange programs since his undergraduate days in Monash Malaysia. We spoke to Aw on his decision to study here and his exchange programs.

Aw Yuong Tuck

How and why did you choose your degree programs (undergraduate and postgraduate), and why Monash?

My brother who graduated from Monash Malaysia with an engineering degree was one of the factors which influenced my decision to study at Monash. I was also looking specifically for a university that would make me a potential radio announcer or actor in our local scene.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I found that I really enjoy the teaching and learning style here at Monash. So when the time came to look for a postgraduate course, Monash was my first choice.

How do you find your degree program? What do you like best about it? What are the most challenging aspects of it?

I believe that the course I took was designed to make everyone a critical thinker. It is full of writing, understanding, reading and discussions. The best part was discovering new concepts or theories that could help me understand myself and the world better.

I find that the most challenging part is to make critical, efficient and tasteful arguments on paper. It takes a lot of time to write, rewrite, research, make citations and come out with a good paper that is impactful to the society.

You’ve gone on three student exchange programs. Tell us about your experiences and how you managed to procure the grants.

I was interested in the student exchange programs available at Monash, as I paid the same fees (in ringgit), but was given the opportunity to experience different cultures and engage with the international community. If you were to transfer to Monash in Australia, you would have to pay school fees as an international student, this will cost you three times more than if you just choose to study abroad for a semester.

Students looking at a semester abroad can take advantage of the grants allocated specifically for this program. Through the Monash Study Abroad office, I’ve spent a semester in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2 weeks in Monash University Prato Centre and Shanghai City Lab.

The three exchange programs were reasonable and the grants were truly helpful. The experiences I garnered from these exchanges were one of a kind. I would definitely recommend students to participate in the exchange programs in Monash Malaysia as the experiences gained can last a lifetime.

What are your future goals and career ambitions?

I aspire to be a journalist, comedian, actor, and writer.